About the CSAA

The Clinical Service Accreditation Alliance (CSAA) was created following an agreement in 2013 for a core group of professional bodies to work with the Care Quality Commission, commissioners, third sector, patient representatives, providers and local government organisations, to develop an overarching strategy for clinical service accreditation.

The CSAA has developed a suite of resources to support professional bodies who wish to develop professionally-led and patientcentred clinical accreditation schemes.

The CSAA identified the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) to host and continue to build on its work in October 2016, with oversight from the CSAA Sponsor Group, whose members are drawn from the Royal College of Nursing, Royal College of Physicians, Royal College of Surgeons, Royal Pharmaceutical Society, Allied Health Care Professionals and, as of November 2016, the Royal College of Anaesthetists.

HQIP aims to facilitate and enable established and emerging clinical schemes to ensure that clinical service accreditation, as an improvement approach, is used to maximum effect to enhance patient outcomes.

How the Alliance’s work is being taken forward

The outputs of the Alliance formed the basis of a large body of work whose intent was to support improvement in patient outcomes and position accreditation as one part of the landscape of NHS improvement activity.

Future planned work includes:

  • Maintenance of the six workstream outputs as appropriate
  • Supporting utilisation the outputs of the Alliance, in particular, developing practical resources to underpin Workstream 6: ‘Developing accreditation schemes for clinical services’ is anticipated
  • HQIP is also considering forming an expert group to support clinicians developing clinical service accreditation schemes