Patients & Carers

How does accreditation make services better for you?

For ourselves, for our families, friends and the community we all want high quality healthcare  provided by competent, dedicated staff who you can trust working in a safe and comfortable environment.

Accreditation of healthcare improves the quality and effectiveness of the services being provided to patients.

It is the expectation of the CSAA that all accreditation schemes will be centred around the needs of patients and carers.

And it is not just about making sure that clinical services are as good as they can be but also that they continually improve.

Services which have quality accreditation:

  • Communicate with you about your condition and treatment in a way that you can understand
  • Treat you as an individual with respect and dignity
  • Listen to your views and opinions and provide you with information
  • Have high standards of cleanliness and hygiene
  • Provide choice whenever possible
  • Focus on what you want

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